Role of Research and Development Institutions and AgTechs in the digital transformation of Agriculture in Brazil

Luciana Alvim Santos Romani, Joice Machado Bariani, Debora Pignatari Drucker, Glauber José Vaz, Vitor Henrique Vaz Mondo, Maria Fernanda Moura, Edson Luis Bolfe, Pedro Henrique Pimentel de Sousa, Stanley Robson de Medeiros Oliveira, Ariovaldo Luchiari Junior


The Brazilian agribusiness sector has been witnessing increasing modernization, caused by the extensive adoption of technologies, with increase in productivity and reduction of risks In addition, the use of digital technologies in farms has recently been increasing, engendering the emerging field of digital agriculture. In this context, this article presents a startup acceleration program, called TechStart Agro Digital, an initiative of Embrapa Agricultural Informatics and Venture Hub with the support of various stakeholders in the agricultural innovation ecosystem. Further, this article presents a methodology for technological and business acceleration focused on agribusinesses, which was proposed by the two institutions, and its application in the first cycle of the program in 2019. The results show that the 11 startups that graduated from the program demonstrated an improvement and growth six months after the acceleration program, and validate the potential of the program in facilitating the development of technologies that are more consolidated and focused on the real problems of agriculture. The post-program follow-up indicates that these agricultural technology startups and organizations (AgTechs) have helped rural producers effectively and efficiently, thereby adding value to Brazilian agriculture.


Digital agriculture; Agricultural innovation ecosystems; Open innovation; AgTechs; Startups

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