Agricultural tractor engines from the perspective of Agriculture 4.0

José Fernando Schlosser, Marcelo Silveira de Farias, Gilvan Moisés Bertollo, Alexandre Russini, Daniela Herzog, Leonardo Casali


Agricultural tractors have undergone significant changes in the last two decades promoted by precision agriculture and Agriculture 4.0. This review article collects data on the current status and future prospects of the use of artificial intelligence and advanced electronics in agricultural tractor engines. A literature search showed that tractor engines follow the technological trends of Agriculture 4.0. There are significant technological advances in engines regarding the incorporation of electronic control units, in which algorithms and programs are stored, allowing self-diagnosis, the control of air and fuel feeding systems based on pollutant emissions under different operating conditions, and data transfer. Therefore, such advances improved combustion, performance, and thermodynamic efficiency, and reduced pollutant emissions.


Technologies; Agricultural Mechanization; Embedded Electronics; Automation

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