Conditioning temperature for inducing uniform ripening of ‘Abate Fetel’ pears

Moises Zucoloto, Lucimara Rogeria Antoniolli, Dalmo Lopes Siqueira, Ana Beatriz Costa Czermainski, Luiz Carlos Chamhum Salomão


The aim of this study was to determine the conditioning temperature period for inducing uniform ripening of ‘Abate Fetel’ pears as well as to determine the maximum storage period with no quality loss. Three harvests were carried out at weekly intervals and each harvest date was considered a factorial experiment (7x3), with seven storage periods at 0 ± 1 °C and 90 ± 5% relative humidity (0; 20; 40; 60; 80; 100 and 120 days) and three periods at room temperature (20 ± 1 °C) (zero, three and six days). The assessed quality attributes were flesh firmness, starch content, weight loss and soluble solids content. Acceptance and purchase intention sensory tests were carried out. Cold storage was efficient in inducing uniform ripening in ‘Abate Fetel’ pears after 20 days at low temperature followed by six days at room temperature for fruit from the three harvest dates. ‘Abate Fetel’ pears harvested at harvest maturity of 57 N can be stored for up to 120 days and commercialized within six days with no quality loss. However, fruit harvested at flesh firmness below 55 N can be stored for 80 days and commercialized within six days or stored for 100 days and commercialized within three days.


Pyrus communis L.; Cold storage; Acceptance; Shelf life

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