Macronutrients deficiency in Heliconia psittacorum x Heliconia spathocircinata ‘Golden Torch’

Ana Cecília Ribeiro de Castro, Lilia Gomes Willadino, Vivian Loges, Mario Felipe Arruda de Castro, Fernando Antônio Sousa de Aragão


The objective of this study was to characterize nutritional deficiencies in Heliconia psittacorum x Heliconia spathocircinata ‘Golden Torch’, through growth indicators, symptomatology and macronutrients contents in leaves and underground plant part. The experiment was carried out in a greenhouse, with eight treatments comprising complete nutrition solution (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S), solution with individual nutrient omission of N, P, K, Ca, Mg or S and solution lacking all nutrients. The symptoms of nutrients deficiency appeared in the following occurrence order: N, K, P, Mg and S. Deficiency symptoms were: general chlorosis to - N omission; slight chlorosis to - P and - S; dark green leaves and necrosis to - K; marginal chlorosis and necrosis to - Mg. Calcium omission did not cause any visual symptom. Deficiencies in N and P affected more intensely shoot number, leaf dry mass production, total leaf number and leaf area. Among the evaluated leaves, there was a tendency of a highest decrease in the contents in the third leaf.


Heliconia; Symptomatology; Nutrition; Tropical flowers

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